Army Film & Photographic Unit

Living History Group

About Us The AFPU Living History Group comprises Jeff Ball, Gary Hughes and Gijs de Klerk. We have been portraying AFPU cameramen since 1996 and this website is a record of the trips and events we have attended over the years.

As we are usually behind the camera here are a few pictures of us at work in front of the camera that have been taken.

Top right & left are shots of Jeff Ball taken on the XXX Corp trip. by Erny van Wijk.

Along the bottom are some shots of Gary Hughes & Gijs de Klerk (bottom centre & right). The bottom left picture was taken by Pete Marshall with Gary's Super Ikonta 532/16 camera whilst out on patrol.

Jeff 2
Gijs de Klerk Edited 1
Gary 2
Media Ops

We are very honoured to have been elected members of the Army Film & Photographic Association (AFPA).

We are also proud of the links we have forged with the current British Army Media Ops and in particular the Command Master Photographer and are very grateful of the support and encouragement that they provide us.