Army Film & Photographic Unit

Living History Group

Background to the group....

The Army Film & Photographic Unit Living History Group was established by Gary Hughes & Jeff Ball to:

  •  Portray members of the Army Film & Photographic Unit within the context of living history events.
  •  Promote the work of the Army Film & Photographic Unit during World War 2.
  •  Research the work of and collect and maintain the equipment used by the AFPU.
  •  Participate in public displays for the benefit and education of younger generations.
  •  Forge links with and become actively involved in the activities of other World War 2 living history groups.
  •  Provide a vehicle for the creation of an archive of primarily British World War 2 living history photography.
  •  Actively record major World War 2 commemorative living history events.
  •  Make available the output from those activities.
    • This site is a record of the efforts over the years to raise the profile & increase peoples awareness of the AFPU; whilst working with some of the finest WW2 re-enactment groups. We continue to participate in a few events and add to our stock of pictures and equipment.